Parish Dinner

The Lobsterfest Steering Committee has decided to have a hybrid Parish Dinner this year.  Parish dinner is 11:30, Sunday, November 13th, following the service.

There will be a seating limitation of 100 parishioners in the Parish Hall for the dinner.  We will also be providing a carry-out service for those parishioners who would rather take their dinner home.

Because of the seating limitation we would like to make sure as many parishioners who would like to dine in the Parish Hall get a chance to do so.  Therefore, we would ask that you limit the extension of the Parish dinner to parishioners only. 

Parish Dinner menu:

1. Lobster Dinner - $22

2. Chicken - $12

Follow this link and enter the case sensitive password to place your order.  Parish Dinner

There is a password that is required to order on line.  Please contact the Church or site Admin.